Futera XLF 88% Efficiency

2,500-10,000 MBH | 5:1 Modulation


Whether retrofitting an existing large capacity boiler or a new installation, RBI’s Futera XLF gives you the power, performance and flexibility to fit any commercial boiler application.

Available in 2,500-10,000 MBH, the Futera XLF has operating efficiencies up to 88% and turndown ratios of 5:1 for maximum energy optimization. The Futera XLF provides advanced, efficient boiler performance with unmatched outputs, all within a compact footprint unparalleled by any other boiler on the market, and units are backed by RBI’s reliability and serviceability.

The Futera XLF features integral HeatNet 3.0 boiler control software that is a boiler management system, capable of networking up to sixteen units without requiring any external boiler control panel. With such advanced performance in a small space, even older boiler systems can benefit from the addition of contemporary efficiency for existing heating or domestic hot water systems. For new construction, the Futera XLF provides a modular configuration with an output unmatched by today’s market.

Size Matters:
XLF units are leading the industry in both performance and cost-saving features. Get more of your facility back with XLF. Premium copper-fin efficiencies and more useful space in the building. Follow the leader.
  • Industry Leading Footprint
  • Full-fire Operation at Significantly Reduced Gas Pressures
  • Reduced Lead Times
  • Increased Outputs at Less Cost
Features and Benefits:
  • 88% Maximum Efficiency
  • 2,500-10,000 MBH
  • Cast Iron Headers
  • Full Modulation with Smooth, 5:1 Turndown
  • Copper Finned Tube Heat Exchanger
  • HeatNet 3.0 Integrated Boiler Management System
  • Turbo Pilot Sure-Fire Ignition
  • Stainless Steel Jacket Panels
  • Multiple Venting Options