(no longer available in North American markets)
420-1,900 MBH | On/Off or 2-Stage/4-Stage


RBI’s 8900 Series non-condensing boilers and hot water heaters are the most durable and serviceable units on the market. With a large size range – 420 to 1,900 MBH – 8900 Series non-condensing gas-fired boilers are ideal for applications in which a smaller unit is required, such as car washes and office building installations. Alongside a 2-pass finned copper tube heat exchanger, all 8900 Series non-condensing boilers and hot water heaters are constructed with intermittent pilot ignition, adjustable high limit, and a 24V gas valve with either single-stage or two-stage firing.

Engineered with RBI’s signature simple service design, 8900 Series boilers are constructed for easy boiler installation and maintenance, with all critical components easily accessible, including slide out burner trays and heat exchangers. All major components can be inspected or removed without disturbing boiler casing or breaching, simplifying any required service work.

Features and Benefits:
  • 420 to 1,900 MBH
  • Cast Iron Headers (Boilers)
  • Bronze Headers (Water Heaters)
  • 2-Pass Finned Copper Tube Heat Exchanger
  • Slide Out Heat Exchanger and Burner Tray
  • On/Off, 2-Stage/4-Stage
  • 2 ½" Interlocking Combustion Chamber
  • Front Mount 24V Controls
  • FM/CSD-1Gas Train Compliant
  • High & Low Gas Pressure Switches