RBI’s IE2 Series increases durability and flexibility in new line of boilers and water heaters Design features patented stainless steel heat exchanger offering up to 98% efficiency

WESTFIELD, Mass. — A combination of innovative heat exchanger design and digital control come together in RBI’s new Infinite Energy 2 (IE2) series of boilers and water heaters.

At the heart of the IE2 is a new, patented Radial Variable Circulation (RVC) stainless steel heat exchanger, constructed with Titanium stainless. Each of a series of three tubes is hydraulically connected without welding to deliver maximum durability and corrosion resistance which translates into product longevity.

Available from 199 to 1000 MBH, the IE2’s features include a custom on-board control system that can control multiple unit configurations up to 8,000 MBH (eight units) with unparalleled modulation for maximum system efficiency.

Using all of today’s modern technologies including pre-mix burners, modulating firing rates of up to 20:1 and integrated cascade controls, IE2 provides users with superior performance and application flexibility. In a cascading system, modulation levels of 40, 60, even 80:1 can be achieved.

Key features include:

  • PVC, PP and Stainless Steel Venting
  • Intuitive Integrated Control Platform
  • MODBUS Based Control
  • Pre-Mix Burner Technology
  • Up to 20:1 Full Modulation (single unit)
  • Low NOx and CO emissions (<15 ppm)
  • 3” Minimum Gas Pressure
  • 160 PSI Working Pressure
  • Integrated condensate neutralizer system

An intuitive control system is the brains behind the IE2’s premium performance. The easy set-up control is MODBUS based and provides auto-diagnostics of all major components and functions; including visual notification of system errors and lockouts through continuous monitoring of temperature sensors, fan speed rotation and other application operating sequences. Backlit visual readouts include water flow sensor, supply temperature, flue temperature and tank temperature for immediate system feedback.

According to Doug Bolasevich, Director of Sales at RBI: “We think the time has definitely come for a durable, ultra-high efficiency line that can be flexibly configured to meet end-user needs in boilers and water heaters – and IE2 delivers on both fronts.”

All RBI boilers units are pre-packaged for simple installation, peak mechanical system performance, and easy serviceability. For more information, visit: rbiwaterheaters.com

About RBI RBI offers one of the most complete lines of boilers and water heaters available today. Known for its high quality wide array of options for maximum application flexibility, RBI offers today’s engineers packaged solutions to fit virtually every specification. Models are available to fit any commercial application, from non-condensing to full condensing in an exceedingly wide range of 100,000 to 4,000,000 BTU. Many of RBI's commercial water heaters are the only units on the market that come standard with bronze headers across the entire product line. Available as both boilers and heaters, RBI does not use cast iron headers with glass or epoxy lining on any of our water heaters to eliminate worry about rusty or contaminated domestic water caused by lining failures in cast iron headers. Our “higher standards” in design do not translate to “higher costs” for our customers. RBI high quality water heaters are among the most competitively priced units on the market.