NEW larger capacity FlexCore stainless steel fire tube units are here.

RBI’s FlexCore, introduced in November of 2015 is an innovative counter-flow, firetube boiler with AHRI rated efficiencies as high as 96.8%.

The latest evolution of the FlexCore includes sizes up to 7,000, 8,000 and 9,000 MBH!

We will begin taking orders in January 2019 and all orders will follow the standard published lead-time schedule.

Related FlexCore documentation is available on our Sales Assistant website at Another addition to FlexCore units is the SIKA vortex flow sensor. The flow sensor is standard on all FlexCore units and is factory mounted in a by-pass configuration and mapped to indicate the boiler flow in (GPM).

SIKA flow sensors utilize vortex technology and communicates directly with the HeatNet 3.0 Boiler Management System for real time flow annunciation that is available locally on the boilers touchscreen as well as through HeatNet online.

SIKA flow sensors are fully adjustable throughout the boiler model operating range; supply and return headers have been extended for seamless integration of the new sensor.

All HeatNet 3.0 equipped units come with our HeatNet Online boiler monitoring system allowing users the ability to map boiler trend performance, change set-points and receive live alerts related to boiler activity via SMS text messaging or email to any smart phone giving users peace of mind relative to their boiler performance.

Please contact your sales representative for additional information and or details.