Pool Heaters

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It’s a well-known fact that pools are an investment – and these investments require maintenance. With that in mind, what’s the use of a pool heater that will kick the proverbial bucket before the summer is over? RBI’s commercial pool heaters are built to outlast the competition – and the busy summer season – year after year.

For more information about RBI pool heaters and to determine the right pool heater for your application, contact your local sales representative.

  • Fusion Series Pool Heaters*

*Only certified unit available for US markets.

For Faster Heating:

  • For 1½°F (0.8°C) rise per hour: Increase BTUH input by 50%
  • For 2°F (1.1°C) rise per hour: Increase BTUH input by 100%
  • Always select a heater equal to or larger than the requirement. Oversizing generally reduces fuel cost